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About Us

We provide green building solutions

Indo-Bhutan Construction Solutions Pvt. Ltd. currently manufactures Auto-claved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks under the brand INSTA Block. For you, we are crafting substantial savings to the environment and construction costs. This is fuelled by our desire to pioneer the green technologies in achieving a cleaner future. We aspire to work towards laying a benchmark in Quality, Performance and Delivery standards in the field of Infrastructural Industry with operations spanning all over India.

We will always be passionate about introducing newer construction products and are geared towards impressing our current/future clients, in order to craft a position for ourselves beyond recognition.

Indo-Bhutan is the brainchild of a group of veteran businessmen, who have excelled with a proven track record in the construction & construction related supplies industries across India for the past two decades. They have extensively worked towards providing the Indian market with Italian marbles and Plywood to make construction cost effective and luxurious in nature. The present aim is to utilize our business proficiency for serving the market & environment, by making AAC Blocks under the brand name of INSTABLOCK; with the motive to provide instant results and savings backed by top of the line services.

Indo-Bhutan’s Passion at work has translated into recognition by clients and has manifested in achieving phenomenal growth year after year.

Our Products

Our company is continuously striving to achieve bankable energy efficiencies and commitment to contribute towards maintaining the ecological balance and also preserve the flora & fauna.

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is a building material which consists of various sized elements that form a complete building system. In most cases, every portion of the structural and insulation requirements of a building are satisfied with the one material.

Our Process


Some interesting benefits of AAC

Cost Benefit Analysis

There is a benefit in cost of around 2.5% for AAC based systems over conventional systems purely on savings on account of structural costs.

Speed in construction

AAC based systems shall provide a time benefit of over 20% vis-à-vis conventional construction due to reduction in number of joints.

Operation & Maintenance

AAC based systems shall provide a major 30% saving in energy costs, AAC based systems provide high insulation properties.

Green Building Material

As AAC offers reduced environmental impact during manufacturing, construction and renovation, it is fast emerging as a Green Building Material.


Storage of Material:
The blocks shall be stored on the site on a level ground and to be protected against rain fall and snow fall.

Mix Proportions of Mortar:
Use of strong mortar with light weight concrete blocks is not advisable, use of compatible mortar is advisable. Lean mortars distribute and accommodate more readily the strains arising from thermal, moisture and chemical changes.

Soaking and Wetting Of Blocks:
These blocks should never be soaked prior to laying in the wall. Only slight wetting is required.

Laying of Mortar:
The mortar shall not be spread so much ahead of the actual laying of the units that it tends to stiffen and lose its plasticity there by resulting in poor bond.

Laying Block Masonry :
Laying of AAC Block masonry shall be in accordance with the recommendations of IS 6041 of 1985 and IS 1905 OF 1987 .The joint thickness shall be 10 mm.

Slenderness Ratio:
Design of AAC block masonry is based on the same parameters as that of brick masonry, as Indian Standard BIS:1905 (masonry code) applicable to brick masonry is also applicable with the same provisions to AAC block masonry. Therefore slenderness ratio of AAC masonry walls shall be as per guide lines of Indian Standard for masonry walls.

Guide lines for chases is masonry walls as per Indian Standard BIS:1905 need to be followed. The cutting of chases, recesses etc. should be done with out damage to the surrounding masonry.

Doors and windows fittings in AAC masonry :
Doors and Windows can be fixed to AAC Block Masonry as is being done in brick Masonry. Hold fast can be planned by using U-blocks or by cutting the block on both the faces.

AAC Masonry Useful Tips:
The mortar shall not be spread so much ahead of the actual laying of the units that it tends to stiffen and lose its plasticity there by resulting in poor bond. Consistency as per requirement of site must be maintained at the point of laying over bed. Ensure all the surfaces of the block which come in contact with cement mortar are wet to have proper bonding.

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